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Our very best videos (*)

(VI) The dry state revival !

A true miracle doesn't need many explanations. But please keep in mind that all this will work best with high oxygen saturation, low light and at low temperature. Only fools and criminals will inadvertedly boil and roast their tardigrades!

Technical annotation: terribly sorry, the annotations in the video are in German language. But they are easy to understand.

The primary title: "We are still in the dry state - everything is quiet within the moss cushion."
The next caption: "Watch out: a water wave is approaching from the right!"

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(*) Some time in the future, perhaps even in this century, it might be possible to record even higher-res tardigrade videos. The present loophole is not resolution but depth of field. Yet there appears to be no techology which might be able to perform the requested real time focus stacking.

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