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Postal address:

Sabine and Martin Mach
Versailler Str. 13
81677 Muenchen / Germany



Please use a specific term like "tardigrades" or "tardigrade website"
in the e-mail subject line. This will help to pick out your e-mail among an
ever-increasing amount of spam.


How to order tardigrade videos for public display / printing permissions

Please check out the descriptions of our  tardigrade videos 
and have a look at the previews of the  images  and  premium images .

For video use and still image printing permissions please contact  Sabine Mach  via e-mail ( . You will receive an offer by e-mail, normally within a few days.
Kind diplomatic advice: do not expect to receive our unique image material for free.

An order request might look as simple as the example below in green :




I would like to receive a print permission  


image / video clip file name

concerning the image "power"


title of journal (and approximate print-run)

for publication in "aquarium magazine" (25,000),


print size (and position inside / title page)

in size 1/4 page (on title),



 my deadline is end of July.

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  Premium images

  How to order