Tardigrades: still images (III) 

lecture on microscopy

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[tardigrade tardigrades dry state] [tardigrade tardigrades milnesium] [tardigrade tardigrades incident light]
[tardigrade tardigrades dry state] [tardigrade egg] [tardigrade tardigrades echiniscus]
[tardigrade tardigrades echiniscus] [portrait of a tardigrade] [tardigrade (echiniscus)]

1st row, left: dry form ("Tönnchen", i.e. tun) of a water bear. Works like instant coffee.
1st row, middle: tardigrade species Milnesium tardigradum.
1st row, right: Echiniscus water bear. Incident light. Temporary asphyctic state (lack of oxygen)
2nd row, left: water bear coming back to life during rehydration
2nd row, middle: Water bear egg. Size ca. 100 µm
2nd row, right: Echiniscus water bear. Transmitted light. Very much alive
3rd row, left: Echiniscus water bear. Incident light. Asphyctic state
3rd row, middle: Portrait of a Echiniscus water bear. Image width about 100 µm
3rd row, right: Very colourful and well-fed individuum. Incident light

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© Photomicrographs by  Martin Mach